Microsoft: Windows 10 currently running on more than 75 million devices worldwide

In mere four weeks of launch, Microsoft’s newest OS iteration dubbed Windows 10 has been installed on more than 75 million devices worldwide. A whopping 14 million machines had upgraded to the new operating system within just 24 hours. In comparison, Windows 8 was installed on around 40 million devices within the first month, while Windows ...

Getting the most out of Windows 8 – Refresh and Reset

Modern technology users crave speed, everywhere you turn technology companies are throwing out advertising superlatives such as high speed fibre optic this and superfast 4G that. It’s a reaction to a both business and consumer demand to access programs and consume faster and faster. Delays and frustration in technological terms are increasingly being measured in fractions of a second.

Getting the most out of Windows 8 – File History

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Since its launch in late October 2012, Windows 8 has divided opinion amongst consumers. This divide is largely split into two camps, one side applauding Microsoft for their transition to a multi-platform OS, with touch integration and a snazzy metro design.  The other side left chastising Microsoft for ditching the standard desktop format and feeling let down by increased complexity presented by the user interface.