India IT Act 2000, Due Diligence & Intermediary

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In current times, as companies and legal entities are doing more and more business in the Cyber space or the so called information highway, it is but natural that any company may come within the ambit and wide definition of an “Intermediary” as defined in the IT Act of India. Thus, it becomes more important for them to ensure that they do not expose themselves to potential legal risk and consequences.

Cheap Android Tablets: Are they worth it?

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With the tablet market rising steeply, companies across the globe are trying to cash in on the new trend. Apple, being the front runner in this race, has had impressive sales since the launch of first generation iPad. Then came Android based tablets, which started eating up iPad’s share to some extent. Samsung, Motorola, Acer and scores of other companies threw in their creations in the tablet pile.