Flawed Microsoft Office update demands payment from Office 2010 Starter Edition users

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Flawed Microsoft Office update demands payment from Office 2010 Starter Edition users

Microsoft has acknowledged the presence of another botched update in its recent Patch Tuesday which breaks file association in Office 2010 starter edition while also demanding payment from the users asking them to upgrade to a full version of Office 2010.

Users have flocked to Microsoft Community demanding answers for both the issues with some even going to the extent of claiming that Microsoft is holding them hostage by not letting them open their Office 2010 starter edition files. “Microsoft gets me to put all my files on Word Starter and then holds them hostage forcing me to pay. I don’t need or want office; I don’t need or want Powerpoint: I don’t run a business. I simply want to be able to use a word processing program and spreadsheet”, notes one of the users.

There are those who have claimed that they cannot open documents by double clicking the icons as they have gone blank or have turned completely orange.

“I get a message saying I need to purchase Office. Why has this suddenly happened? How can I change it back?” another user questioned.

Microsoft has listed out a few steps to resolve the issue here. Some of the remediation measures include right clicking on the icon selecting “Open With” and then “Microsoft Office Client Virtualization Handler.”

Microsoft has also noted that users may be required to repair their Office 2010 Starter Edition to restore the file types, but it has cautioned users to deselect “Remove all Office user settings related to this product” otherwise all Office user settings will be removed.

About a week back Microsoft acknowledged presence of three other botched updates in the same Patch Tuesday. Users were being repeatedly asked to install three updates even after installing them. Some other users were reporting that two of the updates caused Outlook folder pane to go empty.

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    I am also affected by this MS issue. Since September I’m trying to get my money back for the upgrade which I don’t need it since it is obvious that the operating system update of windows 7 has caused this issue. Troubleshoot request is closed without comment every time – I’ve opened at least 4 or 5 times – without success. Has anyone even those experiences?