MEGA crowned winner at ANZIA for privacy

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MEGA crowned winner at ANZIA for privacy

ANZIA, The Australia and New Zealand Internet Awards, which celebrates achievement of organizations, businesses and individuals for making significant contributions to development and use of Internet in the ANZ region, has crowned MEGA as one of the winners.

Kim Dotcom’s MEGA has been announced winner under the privacy category of the awards, which certifies the company’s claims of being a ‘privacy company.’ Congratulating MEGA’s entire team Dotcom tweeted “I like to thank the entire #Mega team for your hard work. We have just won an Internet Award for PRIVACY. Well done!” Considering the recent scandal surrounding Dotcom and his eloquent stand on privacy, his joy over the award is quite understandable.

Other winners at the ANZIA are Vodafone Hutchison Australia for Security; Workventures for Internet Access and Digital Skills; Wiki New Zealand for Information; Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association for Diversity; and CSIRO and the National Museum of Australia for Innovation.

Kim Dotcom, an avid supporter of online privacy, has been opposing New Zealand’s controversial spy bill and has even thought of moving his privacy oriented email and messaging services to Iceland. After closure of Lavabit and Silent Circle following Snowden revelations, Kim Dotcom claimed that MEGA will soon be starting services which will fill the void left by shuttering of the secure email services.

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