Linus Torvalds has made a Git commit yesterday evening and codenamed Linux 3.12 ‘Suicidal Squirrel’ stripping off the ‘Linux for Workgroups’ codename which was used for Linux 3.11.

Work on Linux 3.12 was stalled for a couple of days after Torvalds’ revealed that SSD of his main desktop had given up on him. Torvalds had been trying to recover the SSD, but it wasn’t going anywhere he had noted at the time. However, it seems that Torvalds has managed to get all that is important for Linux 3.13 as is evident from the commit.

“This reverts the Linux for Workgroups thing. And no, before somebody asks, we’re not doing Linux95. Not for a few years, at least”, noted Torvalds in the commit summary.

Linux 3.12-rc1 hasn’t been made available available yet, but is shouldn’t be long before Torvalds releases it. Earlier Torvalds had noted that in case his SSD doesn’t recover he would be doing the rc1 release while on the move and it seems from the commit notes that this will be the case.

“Sure, the flag added some color to the logo, and could have remained as a testament to my leet gimp skills. But no. And I’ll do this early, to avoid the chance of forgetting when I’m doing the actual rc1 release on the road.”

For those who aren’t aware of the new Linux 3.12 kernel features, read this article. If you want a refresher of all the Linux 3.11 features, head on here.