Canon is all set to launch its new cloud based digital image management service which will allow users to fuse digital images and comments posted on social media platforms including Facebook, Flickr and Twitter in just one online repo.

Not only will the new service help users to store and trace their social media conversations and images, but will also allow both Canon as well as non-Canon users to create their own life stories and image timelines.

Myles Lawlor, Digital Product Manager Canon, said that the photography market today has exploded like never before thanks to the increasing use of camera equipped smart phones and social media platforms. It has become a bit difficult for users to keep a track of their images and social interactions.

Canon’s new image management service will provide full control and image rights to its users. The service will run on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform as Canon believes that the platform provides enough security for protecting users’ images and contents.

“Canon treats consumer details as its most paramount principle… our guiding principle is that [users’] photographs will always, always, always be the ownership of the customer,” he said notes ZDNet.

“We will never grab rights of those photos, we will never assume rights over those photos, they will remain [users’] property”, he added.

In related Canon news, the company’s Board of Directors in a meeting held on September 3, 2013, has decided to buy back its own shares [PDF] under Article 156. The company aims to improve its capital efficiency and maintain a flexible and secure capital strategy to account for its share exchanges and other future transactions. The company will buyback around 18 million shares between September 4,2013 to November 1,2013 incurring acquisition cost of around 50 billion yen.