The Thai Police has asked operator of Line messaging app to handover records and messages of online chats to check for any national security threats. The demand has been put forth by country’s Crime Suppression Division (TCSD) asking for cooperation in its fight to battle the ongoing crimes in the country notes The Wall Street Journal.

Pisit Paoin, Commander TCSD, on Tuesday said that the police suspects a new trend among people involved in illegal and criminal activities which involves increasing use of smartphones. The request has been put forth specifically to access data of those allegedly involved in defaming and posting statements and messages against the Thai Monarchy; and those who are involved in drug dealings, prostitution and arms trading. More than 10 million people in Thailand use the Line app.

Paoin said that the department is hoping for cooperation from the app operator Naver situated in Japan and South Korea.

On the contrary the Line Corporation has revealed to The Nation that it hasn’t received any such request yet and that they cannot comment anything further at this point of time in this regards.

In china, the government authorities have already contacted Line to incorporate a special feature which can detect politically sensitive phrases following WeChat apps footsteps. Countries including Saudi Arabia have been planning a blockade of chat apps which fails to comply with country’s telecom regulatory requirements.