So what do we have on the table till now?

Always Online
Microsoft doesn’t require you to keep your Xbox One connected at all times but, with a tricky rule of limiting offline play to a maximum of 24 hours would limit the playing capabilities of users to some extent. This particular clarification came from Microsoft a couple of days back and as per this rule, users would need to connect their consoles once every 24 hours to regain the 24 hour offline play option.

Used games
There were rumours up until the event of Xbox One launch that Microsoft is going to limit the capabilities of the console when it comes to used games. These have turned out to be partially true as the Windows 8 maker has clarified the rules for sharing used games. You can share the game to one of your friends – just once, and that friend has to be on your buddy list for more than 30 days.

Games so far
15 exclusive titles claimed for the first year – only a few we know about so far. Quantum Break and Forza Motorsport 5 – that’s about it out of the 15 titles that have been claimed. Ofcourse there is the Call of Duty: Ghosts over which most of the introduction happened initially. We also presume Crytek may reveal its Xbox One-exclusive Ryse or Respawn may bring up its Titanfall today. Lionheard and Rare, Microsoft’s home production, may also show up.

Backwards Compatibility
Well, well, well this is going to be a tough one. Microsoft Xbox One is not going to be backwards compatible. Full stop! According to Microsoft, the console is “based on a different core architecture, so back-compat doesn’t really work from that perspective”.

Finally, the Console itself
Microsoft wasn’t too secretive unlike its competitor when it comes to revealing the looks of the Xbox One. With an angular design, the sleek black console isn’t too bad for its looks. It packs 500 GB HDD and comes with 8GB of RAM. Beyond this the controller has evolved to a great extent and comes with rumble motors in both triggers and the battery bump has also vanished.