The rc5 is bigger than the rc4 and in the release announcement Torvalds noted, “I wish I could say that things are calming down, but I’d be lying. rc5 is noticeably bigger than rc4, both in number of commits and in files changed (although rc4 actually had more lines changed, so there’s that).”

Torvalds has warned that if things progress the way they are as of now and developers don’t stop sending him non-critical stuff, he is going to start cursing again. He has asked everyone to refrain from “cleanups” and “pointless churn” for the next release candidate. Here are some of the Linux 3.10 features.

Linux 3.10-rc5 addresses a lot many outstanding problems because of which the changes are scattered across its code base. Linus hopes that the next release – rc6, only addresses and fixes serious regressions that actually matter. Linus said, “I’m going to call you guys out on, and try to come up with new ways to insult you, your mother, and your deceased pet hamster.”

Ending the announcement Torvalds notes, “Go out and test. And again – please don’t make me curse you and your pets.” Here are some of the best Linux 3.10 features.