Last year at the WWDC, Apple unveiled its iOS 6, Siri for iPad, Facebook integration along with ability to carry out FaceTime video chats over cellular network, Passbook, and plenty more. Cupertino was however a little lethal as it also went about chucking off Google Maps as well as YouTube. Apple Maps took over and this is when all hell broke loose. However, Apple did manage to implement damage control with updates to Apple maps which since its launch time has improved a lot.

This time around rumours are at an all time high about iOS 7 and its features. There are also talks of NFC entering the scenes with the version 7 and Apple may launch budget iPhones for Asian countries specifically India, China and others.

With just two days before the WWDC kickoff, we have got a list of things that we would like to see in iOS 7. Head on to, Parity News’ sister site, to find out more.