Earlier reports slated the fifth-generation iPad for an April launch but, the latest report from DigiTimes indicates that that is not the case as production is yet to begin. The production in July or August indicates that 5th gen iPad may very well debut during the late second half of 2013 – probably in October or November.

Apple released iPad 2 and iPad 3 earlier in the year but, the last iPad i.e. 4th-gen iPad saw a release in November. The latest rumour may very well indicate that the iPad 4 users will be privileged to own the latest iPad for over a year unlike the iPad 3 users who only got 6 months.

When it comes to specifications of the iPad 5, DigiTimes sources indicate that the latest iPad would be thinner and will have a “slim bezel design, similar to that of the iPad mini.” The source has also revealed that the display will be provided by LG and Sharp while the touch panel assembly will be carried out by TPK.