OpenDaylight project, which is one of the projects within the Linux Foundation, is being touted as a complement to the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), which was founded over two years ago. ONF comprises of board members such as Google and Facebook who have been working hard and nurturing the OpenFlow protocol.

The project has been started as a means to reduce fragmentation and to create an “industry-supported framework”, which would not only accelerate the SDN market but would also provide developers with a “common industry-backed framework” and ensure customer risk mitigation around adoption of SDN.

OpenDaylight is currently inviting proposals from developers inside and outside the member and sponsoring companies. According to Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, the project is looking for is an open controller, set of plugins, range of applications, a virtual overlay and interfaces that would allow for all the elements to come together nicely.

Considering the entire SDN stack, all the above elements will be sitting on top of OpenFlow and vendor-specific interfaces as well as other standard protocols that sit on top of the virtual and physical switches.