The Wall Street Journal report says that this deal could be one of the first major acquisitions of the company since Marissa Mayer took over the reins of Yahoo. Sources say that deal could cost the search engine company around $300 million. Such a deal would be beneficial for both the companies as Dailymotion, the France based social video website is very much eager to establish itself and achieve a greater presence in the U.S. and Yahoo is also very keen to grow its video presence more and more internationally.

Dailymotion was founded back in 2005 and includes both professional as well as amateur content. The site is in competition with Google’s YouTube though Dailymotion is still very far behind in comparison to the huge traffic which Youtube garners each month.  In the year 2007, Dailymotion announced the launch of its U.S. based operations in order to capture more of the U.S. market. Around 49 per cent of Dailymotion’s stake was acquired for 59 million pounds by Orange two years ago in a two part transaction.

Cedric Tournay, CEO Dailtmotion said to FOX Business that the company is very keen to find a large partner in U.S. with extensive resources if this deal becomes a reality.

The deal between the two companies is still not confirmed and report by the Wall Street Journal is just based on mere speculations. The spokesperson from both the companies Yahoo and Dailymotion have refused to comment anything on this matter.