Intel’s 2012 Performance Report Indicates a Changing Environment

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Intel’s officials said that the company has adopted IT consumerization which has in a way increased the employee productivity of the company; develop its Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program; strived hard to  modify Ultra books for its enterprise customers; and the company has also began production of its own first smartphone handsets developed using Intel architecture.

Kim Stevenson, Intel CIO during the webcast on March 13, said that Intel is at a very strong inflection point and that today all business companies are dependent on IT and the company’s growth as well as future depends on it. Stevenson acknowledged the challenge faced by IT is the need to securely and effectively bring consumer technology into the enterprise domain.

Intel accepted the BYOD program at a very early stage and at present there are 23,500 devices using the program and according to reports, by the year 2011, these social technologies were used across different applications within the company’s changing business environment. Intel is planning to continue making major investments in five key areas including social computing, mobile applications, cloud computing, enterprise security and data predictive analytics in the year 2013.