Firefox Not Coming to iOS Confirms Sullivan

By Sunday, March 10, 2013 0 , , Permalink 0

Speaking at SXSW in a mobile browser wars panel Sullivan said that Mozilla is neither building nor planning to build a Firefox version for Apple’s iOS. Mozilla pulled its browser from the App Store back in September 2012 following Apple’s not so accommodating attitude and since then iOS users are devoid of Firefox love.

There are few reasons because of which third party browsers are not so comfortable with the iOS environment. First and foremost may be the hurdle of not able to carry their rendering techniques and javascript engines over to iOS, followed by their inability to become the default browser on iOS as its Apple’s orchards and Safari has the final word. These limitations would definitely mean that Apple would have its way when it comes to browser choices but, at the end users do suffer claimed Sullivan.

Mozilla’s decision might not be a sound one as iOS devices are becoming all the more popular and recent figures indicate that Firefox holds less than one per cent of market share when it comes to mobile browsers. On the other hand Apple commands more than half of this segment thanks to Safari.

Speakers were of the opinion that users should be given options when it comes to choosing a browser of their choice. Considering that EU has fined Microsoft a whopping $732 million recently for not providing users with a browser choice following a technical glitch in Windows 7, even regulators may be of the opinion that browser choices are mandatory for keeping the Web great.