The update is free to download from Rackspace’s website the most important feature for this update is the OpenCentre. The tool simplifies the processes related to deploying and maintaining private clouds with the help of API. These private clouds can be deployed on Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS host operating systems.

According to Jim Curry, senior vice president, “OpenCenter with its new user interface and orchestration tool built to deploy, operate and scale on-premise private clouds paves the way for Rackspace to bring its continuous integration and deployment expertise from the public cloud arena into private enterprise data centres”. He also said, “We are taking our own solid technology practices forward into private open cloud.”

Curry unveiled that through Rackspace Open Cloud, it has already seen over 1590 code releases pushed live to Open Cloud.

“This joins 465 million API requests for cloud servers and a total of over 8,400 unit tests have been run before each code release, so it has been a busy and dynamic period,” he said. “As a proven open cloud operator, enterprise CIOs are trusting Rackspace more than ever to help them on the journey to become service providers in their own data centres and accelerate their businesses with the efficiencies and value of cloud,” he added.