Dungeon Defenders, released back in December 2012, was the first game based on Unreal Engine 3 released for Linux with a native client. Unreal Tournament 3 was ported to Linux but, it wasn’t released for Linux.

Nordic Games revealed that the game has been ported both to Linux as well as Mac OS X. Nordic games is planning to release the Linux port sometime in April or May. The announcement PainKillerGame.com read, “As if this wasn’t enough there is more in the making, as the Linux and Mac gaming community will also be in for a hellish treat this spring when I finally launch myself on these platforms.”

Along with the announcement of versions for Linux and Mac OS X, Nordic Games also announced a mod-kit that would allow users to create their own personal content using tools available in Steam workshop. The beta of the mod-kit will be made available from April this year.