“…a relatively unknown group of cybercriminals publicly announced the availability of a new web malware exploitation kit,” explained Webroot’s Dancho Danchev.

“What’s so special about it is the fact that its current version is entirely based on Java exploits.”

The new Java exploit is offered for rental on a day to day basis by cyber criminals groups and it is hosted on their own secure servers. The deal includes a $40/day, $150/week and $450/month package.

Danchev stated that most infected computers are from the US and they are running on Windows NT 6.1 and Windows XP, also a small number of Mac OS X machines were compromised. The new exploit kit seems to be very successful due to its relatively low price tag and the enormous publicity around Java platform’s security failures in the recent months.

Webroot also mentioned, “Would this newly released exploit kit cause any widespread damage internationally? We doubt so, due to the fact that some of the most recent Java vulnerabilities received massive media coverage, prompting enterprises and end users to permanently disable it. The overall infection rate for the campaign was 9.5 percent, a pretty low one taking into consideration the fact that competing web malware exploitation kits tend to exploit a much more diversified set of client-side vulnerabilities, consequently, achieving higher exploitation rates.”