Just last year ARM KVM virtualization support for Cortex-A15 32bit ARM processor was published. Marc Zyngier of ARM released a set of 29 patches that contained the implementation of KVM for ARM. “This series contains the implementation of KVM for arm64. It depends on the ‘pre-arm64 rework’ series I posted earlier, as well as on the tiny perf patch sent just after”, wrote Zyngier.

According to Marc, the code is more or less similar to its 32-bit counterpart and has a lot in common with the code for 32-bit version. Some of the features of the KVM for 64-bit ARM are support for 4k and 64k pages; support for 32-bit as well as 64-bit guests; and PSCI support for SMP booting. The one thing that is still not supported is for ARM 64-bit QEMU.

The testing of the code was carried out using KVM tool, the support for which has already been merged.

A lot of work is being done on 64-bit ARM architecture since last year inducing an ARM64 OpenJDK port; GNU C Library 2.17 for ARM64 and the official release of Fedora 18 for x86 and x64 bit hardware.