To be integrated in CyanogenMod Settings, the open source ClockworkMod Superuser tool supports Android Jelly Bean’s multi-user functionality and is able to give super user rights to select applications using Android’s native permission model. According to Dutta the main reason behind developing ClockworkMod Superuser was that he wanted to have an open source tool built using Android’s Native Development Kit (NDK) that can be integrated with ROMs that are based on Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

Users have a variety of options when it comes to installing super user applications on their rooted Android devices, but all these applications have to be installed manually after users are done with rooting their device. The best part about the ClockworkMod Superuser tool is that it can be installed directly from ROM Manager application developed by Dutta. On top of that it will be integrated in CyanogenMod’s release which already supports a multitude of Android devices thus alleviating users’ trouble of installing the application manually.

You can download the tool form the ClockworkMod web site for both ARM and x86-based Android devices. The Superuser tool also supports logging thereby enabling users to check what all permissions were given to applications. There is the option of controlling unauthorized activities by setting a PIN. If you are interesting in shifting through the source code, head on to GitHub.