Some of the partners who have committed towards Open Web HTML5 based handsets are ZTE, Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile and Telenor. More information about Firefox OS partners can be found here. Telefonica will be launching ZTE based smartphones in Latin America and Spain; Deutsche Telekom will be initially releasing its own Firefox OS powered handsets in Poland with expansion slated for the rest of Eastern Europe.

The Firefox 19 maker also announced that the carriers have committed themselves towards the launch of Marketplace for the Firefox OS and to bring in content for the mobile platform as well as build some initial low-cost smartphones that will be launched sometime in summer this year. Mozilla has signed up quite a few developers like Zeptolab, EA Games, Disney Mobile Games for the Firefox OS Marketplace. Some of the apps that will be HTML5-optimized for the OS are Facebook, Nokia’s HERE, SoundCloud and Twitter.

Firefox OS is based on the HTML5 framework and all the features of the phone will be built as HTML5 applications. According to Mozilla, there is a lot of difference between HTML5 performance on Android and iOS and how HTML5 performs on Firefox OS. The use of an open web standard will allow developers to have a lot of flexibility when it comes to building apps and services, specifically their interfaces.