Sunday may very well see Rafael Correa win the presidential elections in Ecuador provided nothing goes wrong and Mitnick does the job perfectly which has been assigned to him. Mitnick tweeted, “18 years ago I was busted for hacking. I do the same thing today but with full authorization. How cool is that?” Mitnick has been assigned to protect the Net Lock computer system that has been assigned the task of tabulating Ecuador’s elections.

During the early 1990s Mitnick was on a hacking spree whereby he hacked hundreds of universities, personal computers and corporate networks including the likes of Apple, Motorola and even the FBI. Mitnick, convicted of these cybercrimes, has been in jail between 1995 and 2000. After his release Mitnick helped private and public entities by providing them security consulting and even helped the US Government to mitigate cyber threats.