Announcing the development in a blog post, Stephen L Rose, Windows Commercial IT pro community manager citing the standard Windows support cycle noted that the RTM version of Windows 7 will no longer be supported from April 9. Rose said, “Windows 7 RTM (with no service pack) will no longer be supported as of April 9th, 2013, following the standard Windows support lifecycle specifying that support ends 24 months after the release of a new service pack.”

Windows 7 RTM was launched in October of 2009 and Microsoft’s Terms of Service specifies that tech support for a Windows version is due to expire two years after the release of a new service pack.

The service pack 1 for Windows 7 was publicly released in 2011 and as per the TOS, support will no longer be offered for the original version i.e. from 2013. Considering this, Windows 7 RTM received just 4 years of technical support as compared to the over seven years of Windows XP.

Microsoft’s clients who use Windows 7 Professional and Enterprise versions will continue to receive mainstream support until January 13, 2015 and if they choose the extended support option, it will be available until January 14, 2020.