JavaFX, destined to replace Swing GUI library as the default method to develop graphical user interfaces, is a framework used to develop cross-platform rich internet applications (RIAs). The ports for iOS and Android are based on an “unreleased version of JavaSE Embedded for iOS/Android”.

Oracle’s Richard Bair revealed that the “first bits and pieces” for JavaFX for iOS should probably be out sometime next week. The rest of the release will be scheduled along with the release of prism. Oracle is going to leave javafx-font as closed source but, Bair has said that developers are already working towards an open source native replacement of the component through the OpenJFX list.

Addressing the licensing on iOS concerns, Bair said that he is aware that “Apple doesn’t allow for GPL licensed applications in their app store.” But, this should not be a problem as he believes that OpenJFX and OpenJDK code can be bundled with the application code and can be released by a developer under his / her own license.

“My understanding (and I’m not a lawyer) is that this means that if you take OpenJFX + OpenJDK (minus any binary stubs released under a different license), then you can safely combine this with your application and release your application under your own license as a single application co-bundle. You can do the same with the GA release of JavaFX + JavaSE”, notes Bair.