Mojang Releases Minecraft for the Raspberry Pi

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Back in November last year Minecraft was ported onto the Raspberry Pi and it was revealed at the time that Mojang would release a free version of the game. The game is completely free and is now available for download. Even though the game will carry only a limited set of features, but the cost of building and hosting a Minecraft lan-party has definitely dropped ten folds.

Minecraft, is an open world game, which lets its users shape the world by adding or deleting basic building blocks of materials. Users can explore the creative aspects of the game whereby they can play or can play through a survival mode where they need to manage resources. Minecraft: Pi Edition can be downloaded from here.

Recently The Raspberry Pi Foundation announced the finalized hardware for the Pi’s camera module which will take at least another month before it will be made available for sale. For more, read how to turn your Raspberry Pi into a Media Centre device.

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