Merged into FreeBSD head on January 19, the hypervisor has a very small footprint and yet comes with quite a few interesting features and is made up of 250 thousand lines of code. Currently the hypervisor is completely dependent on Intel VT-x virtualization support on modern CPUs and support for AMD SVM is currently under development.

Talked about during FOSDEM 2013, the hypervisor isn’t as feature-rich as Linux KVM or the Xen but, it is moving ahead with active development nonetheless. The hypervisor does support all guest operating systems from FreeBSD 8.3 onwards but, version 10 is the only OS that is supported unmodified.

Some of the features of BHyVe are IOAPIC emulation, memory-mapped local APIC support, guest idle detection, and some level of AHCI emulation. Some of the features still being worked out the legacy-free hypervisor are removing blocking I/O operations, suspend/resume support, AMD SVM, and support for older GPUs without nested paging virtualization notes Phoronix.

More information can be found at and the FreeBSD Wiki.