Users, after applying the jailbreak, reported that their iDevices were taking a lot longer to reboot than usual and quite a few others reported that the default weather app was broken completely.

Announcing the new version, evad3rs tweeted that the tool has been updated to version 1.1 and it includes fixes that were uploaded to Cydia earlier. Users who have applied the jailbreak need not repeat the entire process and can simply install the new version of the tool from Cydia. Those going for the jailbreak for the first time may go for the new version directly from evasi0n website.

Released on February 4, the tool is capable of jailbreaking all iOS 6.0 and iOS 6.1 devices including the latest iPhone 5, the iPad mini and the new iPad with Retina display as well as the fifth-generation iPod Touch. According to Cydia’s Jay Freeman within the first six hours the jailbreak was used over 800,000 times and by the next day that number had reached 1.7 million.

Pod2g has provided an insight into the traffic originating from different countries and according to him, China has been the biggest source of traffic followed by the US.

Apple hasn’t been too welcoming as it has posted a waning on Super Bowl Sunday that the jailbreak may lead to instability and shortened battery life of iDevice and may probably introduce security vulnerabilities into the device. Apple has also warned that this practice is in violation of the end-user license and that it may very well deny any / all service for a jailbroken device.