In a blog post, the Foundation announced that they have been working on tuning the camera and that some work still needs to be done on the drivers. The picture quality is ‘pretty good’ notes the Foundation but, they want the quality to be “bleedin’ marvellous.”

Liz Upton, Executive Director of the Foundation said, “I don’t have a release date for you yet, but we’re probably at least a month away (and possibly more) from being able to sell these at the moment.”

The new camera module consists of PCB that measures around 25 x 20 x 9mm on top of which sits a 5-megapixel and a fixed-focus sensor capable of capturing pictures at 2592 x 1944p resolution and 1080p video recording at 30 fps notes Engadget.

The camera module was spotted last year at Elecontrica 2012, Germany and was in a prototype stage at that moment. Subsequent testing took place in December and as it stands, according to Upton, “everything’s looking pretty peachy for the moment.”