Appsfire made the claims through a tweet and provided some insights into the apps that have been submitted to the App Store. Appsfire app co-founder Ouriel Ohayon revealed that out of the million apps that have been submitted 493,289 were paid and 158,848 were games while of the “736,247 apps that are currently live 336,270 are paid (around 45 percent), while 120,065 are games (around 16 percent)”, notes The Next Web.

Another app discovery company, AppShopper, holds a slightly different view. According to the company there are 714,883 apps available on the App Store and the tally of Apple approved apps is 995,382. These figures indicate that if the numbers about apps, as claimed by Appsfire, don’t hold true as of now they will be reached soon enough.

In related news, App Store in its life time has seen over 35 billion app downloads. Tim Cook has acknowledge the success of App Store and it is evident from his iPhone 5 launch event speech. “It’s been an absolute revolution. It’s phenomenal. Together with the incredible products, these have helped us achieve an incredible milestone”, said Cook during the event.