According to KerbsonSecurity, there are about 17,000 systems available on rent and many Windows servers are available for access through Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Surprisingly one of the systems with such access is from Cisco Systems’ network with administrative privileges and was available for as low as $4.55. Members of Cisco security team have confirmed that the server is indeed part of the network but is a bad lab system.

Cisco’s server available for access seemingly was already used for malicious purposes as it was blacklisted in 10 tracking services out of 15. There are cases wherein many companies provide RDP access to some systems within their network to remote users but, if these servers don’t have strong set of login credentials, they will definitely end up in a service like

According to KerbsonSecurity, nearly 300,000 compromised systems have been made available through the site since the service was started back in 2010. The service works with hackers and provides them commission for the servers they list on the list. Users can check the reputation of servers and decide on whether to actually go for the server or not. Access to the service may be obtained for just $20, payment for which is accepted through WebMoney.