Apple: 97 Per Cent Workers in Supply Chain Not Working Excessive Hours

By Saturday, September 29, 2012 0 Permalink 0

In a detailed write-up Apple has revealed that it is now tracking over 800,000 workers across its supply chain as compared to last year’s 700,000 and as of August 2012, 97 per cent of the worker weeks were in compliance with the 60-hour work week as per the Labor laws in China.

Claiming that it is Apple’s top priority to eliminate the industry trend of excessive working hours, Cupertino wrote, “Our approach to reducing excessive working hours has evolved over the years from a small seed program into a comprehensive approach that interlinks training, management consultation, integration with procurement decisions, and verification of work-hour practices and systems.”

Apple has also revealed that it is educating its supply chain about involuntary labor and human trafficking issues. Apple conducts extensive audits of its facilities in these regards and if violations are found, it holds the supply chain management responsible. “Beyond auditing, we provide our employees who are directly responsible for supply chain management with training on involuntary labor and human trafficking issues to reinforce our prevention efforts, Apple wrote.

The iPhone 5 maker has revealed information about its efforts towards preventing underage labor, prohibition of discriminatory policies, sourcing of conflict-free material as well.