RIM acquired Tungle.me last year after which the team was mostly working on BlackBerry Calendar app for the PlayBook, native calendar app for BlackBerry 10 and while being involved in other projects like messaging, notes and memo apps. All this work meant that the team didn’t find enough time to concentrate on Tungle.me.

In a blog post, company’s founder Marc Gingras wrote, “All of our new responsibilities within RIM are very exciting; however, it hasn’t left much time for innovation on the core Tungle product over the past year, as we’re sure you have noticed.”

The founder also noted that the team has been “driving innovation in Messaging (email), Contacts, Notes and Memos apps.”

The service shall continue till the D-day and then users should consider switching to other services like Doodle. Gingras write, “We know our dedicated members rely on Tungle every day to manage their calendars and we don’t want to leave you out to dry, so we suggest you check out Doodle to replace Tungle in December.”

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