The video titled “Innocence of Muslims” that mocks Islam and Prophet Mohammed has led to protests and instances of violence across the Arab world claiming lives of the US ambassador to Libya and three other US personnel in Benghazi last week.

Gatot Dewa Broto, Indonesian Communications and Information Ministry Spokesperson told AFP, “Google, which is YouTube’s parent company, emailed us on Thursday evening to say it had blocked Indonesia’s access to 16 URLs related to the Innocence of Muslims videos on the site.”

The Indonesian government has also asked RIM to filter videos from its smartphones. Broto added, “We could access the videos on Blackberry too, so we wrote to RIM to ask that it filter them, and RIM has been very co-operative.”

In a similar move, Google has also blocked the video from India. Syed Akbaruddin, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, India told to reporters, “Google India has, in compliance with Indian law, blocked access to the offensive material.”

The US Government has asked YouTube to review the video in line with its own hate speech policies and take down the video. Google has denied a complete take down reports The New York Times.


[Update 17/09/2012@10:46 AM UTC]: Google has now blocked the video in Malaysia as well citing its community guidelines. The Malaysian government had asked Google to block the video on Saturday. A YouTube spokesperson told AFP, “When videos breach those rules, we remove them. Where we have launched YouTube locally and we are notified that a video is illegal in that country, we will restrict access to it after a thorough review.”