The gaming company has revealed that the Wii U will be available in the US from November 19 and will be packaged in two sets – Basic (White) and Deluxe. These models are more or less on the same lines as those announced for the Japanese market. The basic set will be available in the US for $299 and the Deluxe set has been priced at $349.

The basic set will comprise of the Wii U console, GamePad, Sensor bar, 8GB storage and an HDMI cable whereas the Deluxe set will have a Charging stand, Console stand, 32GB storage and Nintendo Land game disc above and beyond the basic set components.

Wii U is dubbed as a next-gen gaming console and is considered to be more advanced than the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii.

In Europe the gaming console will be available from November 30.

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