Rumours of a taller and thinner iPhone 5 have been circulating the web with developers claiming that they have seen code in iOS 6 Beta 4 that also hints at 5 rows of icons on the home screen instead of 4.

A MacRumors reader has pointed out a rather unusual hint towards the possibility of a taller iPhone 5. According to the reader the façade at the Yerba Buena center shows stretched icons of Game Center, iTunes, Music and App Store in the image.

If looked at for the first time and that too without manipulating the image, one would definitely reject the claims outright. But if the image is squeezed as shown below, one would find symbols of upside down Game Center icon, iTunes and Music.

September 12 will tell what Apple has got in store for us but, until then you may visit some of the other iPhone 5 news here.