August saw Windows 7 take a fractional lead of 0.24 per cent points over Windows XP which managed to garner a 42.52% market share. According to the report, Windows 7 has managed to gain nearly 1% of market share month-on-month basis last year whereas Windows XP saw a similar decline.

Third in the list is Windows Vista with a 6.15% market share, which was more or less static and didn’t see a huge surge or decline. This takes the total market share of Microsoft in the desktop operating system arena to a whopping 92%.

But, when the market share of the Mac OS X Lion along with all other versions of OS X after 10.4 is considered, it comes to a 7.11% which definitely places Apple ahead of Microsoft at least when it comes to Windows Vista.

It took Windows 7 three years to beat Windows XP and soon it will start facing competition from its successor – Windows 8.