The worst areas are without doubt the rural areas where nearly 14.5 million people are without access. In case of West Virginia, nearly 46 per cent of its entire population lack coverage. One point worth noting here is that it’s not just the rural areas that lack coverage as 35 per cent of the population in a tech-savvy state such as California also lacks such access.

Some of the other states with least amount of access are Montana (26.7%), South Dakota (21.1%) and Alaska (19.6%) notes USA Today.

FCC has a Connect America fund that is responsible for closing this gap. A plan has been laid out by FCC to get 7 million people online by 2018 and as a part of this it has already awarded CenturyLink $35 million to connect as many as 45,000 homes located in rural and under-served areas.

Julian Genachowski, FCC Chairman, said that the commission’s goal is to bring broadband to all the 19 million people who are deprived of access.