The scam came to light when users who where browsing the net through their mobile phones started receiving SMS which was followed by mails claiming that they have had infringed copyright  that they would need to pay a fine, between 90 to 195 Euros, by depositing into a foreign bank account in Valartis Bank in Liechtenstein. The demand for cash came from a company – Arcad World Corp., registered at a post office box in Stockholm.

“You have downloaded copyrighted porn. Soon you will receive a civil claim. We ask you to pay it so that your illegal activity will not be a police matter. According to Swedish law, it is your duty to find out if the movies can be downloaded or not,” the email reads.

Users would have probably visited sites hosted by these scammers which were capable enough to extract information out of their mobile devices.

The Police in Sweden have asked users not to fall for such a scam and that they shouldn’t send money to such criminals. Swedish Antipiratbyran has denied any sort of relation or involvement in such a scam.

“We have been approached by some 100 people across the country, consumer groups and others who are wondering what this is all about,” says Sara Lindbäck, a copyright lawyer at Antipiratbyrån.

It is not just Sweden where such mails are being received by internet users. Thousands of users in the United States, Germany and the UK have also received similar letters from rightsholders demanding cash in lieu of settlement and deterring copyright lawsuits.