[Updated] Anonymous Claims to have Hacked Sony PSN Again

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Sony PlayStation Network had been down for almost three months last year following a security breach. Sony was also crowned the Pwnie ‘Epic Fail’ as well for this breach.

Anonymous has claimed through a tweet  that they have hacked the Sony PlayStaiton Network again and as a proof of the hack dumped more than 3000 credentials online in the form of a pastebin post.

“.@sony Hacked, @playstation Network Pwned | pastebin.com/HUjZPaF3 | #PSN | #Anonymous” read the tweet.

The notorious hacktivist group is claiming that the entire set of hacked credentials contains over 10 million PSN accounts and that the file is of around 50GB. The passwords are encrypted and the accounts mostly belong to the northern European region.

Shane Bettenhausen from Sony’s business development unit tweeted that the claim was entirely false. But, there has been no official confirmation from Sony yet.

[Update: 16/08/2012 Sony has tweeted through the official PlayStation account on Twitter that the claim is completely false]

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