The origin of the term ‘zerg rush’ can be attributed to the race Zerg in Starcraft, which is known for its ability to overpower other players by producing a large number of offensive units with a very short time period. The game requires players to choose one out of the three races: Terran (humans), Protoss (humanoids) or Zerg (insectoids).

Digging a little deeper into the meaning of the term; ‘rush’, in real time strategy games, involves mass mobilizing one or a combination of different unit types and attacking the opponents at a fast pace thereby inflicting great and serious damage.

Google has put forward a similar fast-paced attack on its own results page with quite a lot of ‘O’s coming in from every direction attacking the search results one by one. Users are given the chance to attack these ‘O’s to counter the ‘zerg rush’.

I tried to defend my search results but couldn’t succeed. You give it a go and leave your results in the comments sections.