US Appeals Court Uphelds Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Ban

The ban on Galaxy Tab 10.1 came into effect on 27th June following Judge Lucy Koh’s approval. Koh’s decision was a prompt one when the Appeals court had remanded a design-related patent back to the district court asking it to reconsider the ban on the controversial tab.

Samsung spokesperson said, “Regardless, we will continue to pursue a request for an appeal of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 preliminary injunction.” notes ITProPortal.

The Appeals court also denied Samsung’s motion to expedite the appeals process against the orders issued by the District Court. The court did say that the Korean consumer electronics giant may do its part in accelerating the process by filing its briefing early. “Samsung may of course significantly self-expedite the case by filing its own brief early,” said the court.

The ban on Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been enforced due to the ornamental resemblance of the tablet with that of Apple’s iPad. Apple holds a patent on design of tablet devices through a U.S. Design Patent No. D504,889.

According to the judge, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is substantially to that of the iPad “in the eyes of the ordinary observer”.