Google has launched a campaign that will target the secrecy of drug cartels, cyber criminals, violent radicals and the likes. The search engine giant has assembled politicians, academics, law enforcement agencies, victims along with technology experts for its summit in Los Angeles dubbed Illicit Networks: Forces in Opposition.

Google’s think tank division, Google Ideas, has joined forces with Interpol, Council on Foreign Relations and other such agencies in a bid to find ways to use technology against terrorists, organized crime and others.

The summit is going to be benefited with the presence of Ronald Noble, Interpol’s secretary general; Alejandro Poire, Mexico’s interior minister; Andy Weber, assistant secretary for nuclear, chemical and biological defense programs at the US department of defense among others.

Participants are to discuss on a variety of topics viz. organ brokers, narcotics networks, fraudsters and counterfeits, etc.

Technology companies like Google can play a vital role in bringing about transparency to the illicit networks and would help in fighting against corruption while empowering people who put forward complaints against such activities.